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Since 1985, The Fan Club, Leicester has been home to the UK's best DJ's, musicians, and club nights. Consisting of four rooms, playing 80s, 90s, pop, dance and R and B, The Fan Club lies at the forefront of Leicester's nightlife scene. 

Proudly hosting the biggest and best weekly club nights and events in Leicester, The Fan Club has become a weekend staple for many clubbers. We are a destination for many due to our friendly and loyal staff, top DJ's, and inclusivity.


Welcoming and looking after customers from entry to exit, The Fan Club family is proud of its reputation for going above and beyond to make sure our fans always have the best night out. 


On Friday nights, we host our much loved Atomic 80s event in room one, and Pump the Jam RnB night in room two with our favourite DJ Urban Geeks. Playing the greatest hits from the decade, and the biggest dance R and B tracks, Fan Club Fridays are where its at. 


Saturday nights are home to our biggest club night. We have four rooms playing the best current chart hits, Indie floor fillers, RnB and 90s party. Alongside our weekly club nights, we host regular events and live music sessions. Check out our What's On page to keep up to date with our latest happenings and become one of our biggest fans!



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